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There will be a function or a special event this year at your family. You may also go for a long journey with your family members. Transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu over 4th house main give health issues to one of your family members. Your children will do well in their education and if they are planning for going abroad, they will get the desired result in this year. Your life partner will get a good job or promotion. There will be a change of place or house this year. Financially this year will have a mixed result. Your earnings will increase at the same time your expenditure will also increase.

You may purchase a vehicle or house or property in this year. There will be some expenditure for your family members or in charity. Investing money on big ventures is not advisable in this year. Transit of Jupiter over the 3rd house and the 4th house may not give desired returns from your investments so try to postpone major Investments in this year.

Before March you may get some unexpected money or gains. This year health will be normal. You may suffer from back pain bone related in tissues and lungs related problems. Try to avoid taking much work stress and take proper rest also perform some remedies to Saturn to overcome health issues. The aspect of Jupiter 11th house will help in recovering health problems. Students this year will have above average time. Due to Saturn transit over 4th house They may become lazier and lack of interest in studies.

Transit of Rahu over the 11th house will help them until March after that they may need to work hard to achieve the desired result in their education. Those who are writing competitive exams need to be more careful while writing their exams as Jupiter transit over the 3rd house and Saturn transit over 4th house may give less concentration and lack of patience. You need to perform remedies to Jupiter, Ketu and Saturn in this year. For this, you need to chant Shani mantra and Ketu Mantra also Guru Mantra for better financial position and better career.

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Our Services. Vaastu International. Style Switcher. Engineer Rameshwar Prasad B. You will find a tendency to feel safe or secure through knowing that things are tidy, structured and planned.

Virgo Health Horoscope

Routine is your friend, and establishing well-ordered routines in your daily life will help you think more clearly. Virgo is associated with process and purification at both material and mental levels. At a simple level, you are likely to feel awkward and uncomfortable in chaotic environments. You will feel more serene and so focussed in an organized space. At a more subtle level, you can be emotionally affected by food additives, pollutants and synthetics in your environment.

It is just that you will feel impurities more acutely than others. Above all else, you need a calm, peaceful and well ordered environment to access your astute thinking processes. You are nurtured by organization and structure. You assimilate information better when processes are clear, and sources of nourishment relatively clean. I never did.

What Does a Moon Sign in Virgo Reveal?

All the feelings that drugs are supposed to produce in you — confidence or energy — I can produce naturally. The only problem is going to sleep. But I never take pills… I drink herbal teas. This is a sign of mental discrimination. Thus you may have strong writing abilities, or work well in fields involving communication, personal service and customer relations.

Horoscopes for the New Moon in Virgo ~ Chani Nicholas

You are likely t o have a keen mind, and a great eye for detail. You are likely to be very good at extracting the essence from something otherwise complicated. You have the ability to sort the wheat from the chaff, and find what is essential in a sentence, task list or schedule. Your capacity for analysis is great for problem-solving, but can also be your downfall.

You are likely to be highly adaptable, but also prone to excessive worry. You can easily fall victim to nervous tension by constantly finding faults or remaining in chaotic environments that go against your instinctual needs. It is important that you learn to take time out when needed, and find ways to remedy the effects of too much nervous tension.

Meditation, yoga, martial arts and other forms of mind-body exercise can be especially beneficial. This will greatly assist you to stay focussed and calm.

see url Often, those with the Moon here can be quietly critical of self and others. Your tendency to criticize your own efforts may make it difficult for you to see your own true worth. You may underestimate your contributions and be innately convinced that whatever you do, it is not good enough. This can be a humble and shy position for the Moon. Unless other factors in your chart offer more outgoing tendencies, you may fail to receive credit for all that you have achieved. It is important that you learn to recognize how useful you are. Rather than striving to be perfect, you will find that striving to make things better satisfies your need to be useful, and helps you take unrealistic expectations off yourself.

I am big into aromatherapy — Sharon Stone — Moon in Virgo. On another level, Virgo is associated with the body and health. Thus, you may have an instinctual interest in matters of health, diet and nutrition. You may be naturally quite healthy simply because you have an interest in your own wellbeing, and notice that life flows better for you with regular exercise and good eating habits. It is very important that you to pay close attention to what you do, and do not, eat.

Often, those with the Moon here have very delicate digestive and nervous systems. You are likely to find that you may have trouble with your stomach or nerves if you lose touch with your own bodily needs.

Excess worry or problems with digestion may plague you if you do not pay attention to what you ingest. Taking in pure food as well as experiences is a very practical thing for you. You can be adversely affected by processed foods, and overcome with anxiety if exposed to harsh or critical people. Making sure you improve the systems that regulate your own personal life is essential for you. Through good food, routine and regular exercise you can enjoy extraordinarily good health. This interest in health is often quite strong.