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Totality occurs in a narrow path across Earth's surface, with the partial solar eclipse visible over a surrounding region thousands of kilometres wide.

Venus enters Scorpio

This eclipse is a member of a semester series. An eclipse in a semester series of solar eclipses repeats approximately every days and 4 hours a semester at alternating nodes of the Moon's orbit. Note: Partial lunar eclipses on January 26, and July 22, occur on the previous lunar year eclipse set.

26 December 12222 Annular Solar Eclipse

Solar Saros , repeating every 18 years, 11 days, contains 72 events. The series started with a partial solar eclipse on July 13, It contains annular eclipses from November 20, , through January 13, , with a hybrid eclipse on January 24, It has total eclipses from February 3, , through June 21, The series ends at member 72 as a partial eclipse on September 5, The longest duration of totality was 6 minutes, 50 seconds on August 7, The metonic series repeats eclipses every 19 years Eclipses occur in nearly the same calendar date.

All eclipses in this table occur at the Moon's ascending node. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Solar eclipse of December 5, Map. A Catalogue of Eclipse Cycles. Utrecht University. Retrieved 6 October Solar eclipses. Eclipse chasing Solar viewer Planetary transit Solar eclipses in fiction.

Why Do Eclipses Happen?

Categories : 21st-century solar eclipses in science Solar eclipse stubs. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Surrendering to fate, karma, and other powers greater than merely mortal may be seen as the ultimate liberation. If all is maya illusion , what is the reality that gives rise to the world of appearances? Ambition, responsibility, a place for everyone and everyone in their place….

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EclipseWise - Total Solar Eclipse of Dec 28

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This is awkward for arithmetic calculations. Years in this catalog are numbered astronomically and include the year 0.

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Historians should note there is a difference of one year between astronomical dates and BCE dates. The lunar coordinates were calculated with respect to the Moon's Center of Mass. Some of the content on this website is based on the book Thousand Year Canon of Solar Eclipses to All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy.