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This Chinese Horoscope is predicted for all Chinese zodiac signs. Choose the one you belong to. Based on the principles of ancient Chinese Astrology, the forecast we make here provides you an insight that would help you tread the path of success and prosperity. If you apply in your life what you get to know from here, you would be able to balance Yin and Yang along with the ability to attract abundance.

In ancient China, those who knew the secrets of life using planetary movements were able to fulfill their desires and achieve a calm state of mind. The Chinese Horoscope given here shows a path that leads to worldly achievements as well as to inner peace. The ancient seers of China recognized that every year belongs to a corresponding cosmic animal energy. If one finds and understands this phenomenon, one can use that time according to universal laws and get peace, prosperity, and success in all spheres of life.

The same is true about other units of time i. Astrologically speaking, you can reduce your problems and increase the flow of positive energy in life, if you do not cling to things and situations, and keep your focus on the feeling of let-go. Also, you may balance the energies inside and outside to grow in the direction you want to.

Check out our Chinese Horoscope to understand how you can attract luck and find your true self. Would you then be more likely to sit in to a universal post stance and sweat and shake for an hour? What if you asked the Oracle I Ching what will happen in a relationship, and it told you to drop something for awhile, let it float downstream and pick it up again later on. Would you take its advice, would that ring true? What if all your mental fire and over-thinking needed was a little calming and cooling yin-herb, ingested over the course of a week - with a daily standing practice.

Where we might start this process is in getting a birth-analysis chart. This chart can be used to forecast the destiny and characteristics of an individual and the relationships and interaction between the individual with the surrounding environment: The theory behind the study of four pillars is that The Sun, Moon, Earth; planets in the Solar System emit cosmic energy chi all the time. This Cosmic energy is not constant but varies with time depending on the relative positions of the planets. The Chinese discovered a few thousand years ago that at any point of time the energy field chi surrounding us can be mapped and represented by a combination of 22 characters known as the Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches.

This in turn is known as the Hsia Calendar. A chart looks like this:. A simplified version of Si Zhu Ba Zi chart is just looking at the year you were born in according to the Chinese Calendar. There are 5 elements, and 12 animals, and they alternate in cycles of 60 years.

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This year is the Yang Water Dragon year, so if you were born this year, that would be a predominant element in your life. Once you get your own Birth Chart, you will be given some information about yourself. Using myself as an example, being born in the Yin Fire Rabbit year of , I can identify that my general energetic tendency is yin fire. When I first found that out, I knew inside through feeling that it was generally true.

Understanding the 5-element theory, what balances fire? Tai Chi is the water method, so its a perfect compliment to my needs, something I found easily in my life. Is that fate, is that destiny, or luck, or coincidence?

Luck Prediction by Month 12222

What does Fire create when it finishes burning something? Ash Earth. I work with my teacher, who is primarily Earth, so my fire contributes to his earth. Idealistic and lofty ideas and ambitions turn into tried and true, regulated and grounded plans. This is just one example of the transformations we can be a part of, knowingly or unknowingly.

We can use this study to start seeing our entire life completely different, as an active participant in how things occur! We have three main influences in our lives: Heaven's Luck: This is known as destiny, fate, karma, or luck. Heaven is the source of spirit, believed to account for one third of the influences in our lives. This is our gift at birth, our fate, or karmic inheritance.

Your partner will seek your attention and love. Talk and spend time with each other, suggests Chinese astrology for The love and warmth in your relationship will give you a sense strength and stability. Careerwise, this time is fruitful for you. Give your best in every assignment you take.

Chinese Astrology: The Dragon - Personality & Compatibility

When you love what you do, success follows you. Your finances look good this year. While your income might take a hit initially but will raise eventually. Spending recklessly should be avoided and savings must be encouraged. Focus on your long term goals rather than the short term. Coming year is going to be excellent for you.

You will be focused and determined to achieve your goals. You are strong willed and this quality of yours will help you surpass all obstacles. Chinese horoscope for suggests that you are energetic and it is important to use that energy constructively. Focus and let you energy be channelised in the direction you wish to proceed. You will see your relationship change. This sudden change will test your love for each other. Stay strong and stay together and this too shall pass. Tough times only make us better and stronger. Do not hesitate to work hard because sooner or later you will get positive results.

Financially, this year is going to be exceptionally good for you. You will spend lavishly but also manage to save for your future. Overall, this year is favorable for you. Do not doubt yourself and move ahead with confidence. This year will approach with a promise to make life easier for you.

The year brings love, happiness and tranquility for you. Your love life will hit a rough patch temporarily. Stay together and tackle each challenge one by one. You shall find your way out of it. Work life will be good. It is however advised, you work on your skills to improve your performance. Polishing your skills will increase your confidence levels and you be ready for bigger challenges. Make contacts and expand your network.

It will be an extra bonus for you. Opportunities will knock your door; do not miss any of them. These opportunities will open doors for many possibilities, which will benefit you. Your finances look good this year as your income will increase. Any extra expenses should be avoided during this period.

Enjoy your life and give your best in all your attempts, suggests Chinese horoscope for Know all the basic details about Chinese astrology here: About Chinese Astrology. Chinese Dog year is the year dedicated to the Chinese Dog zodiac sign. Dog is the eleventh zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology. Every year is governed by a Chinese zodiac. Some of the Chinese Dog years are: , , , , , , People born in these years have the zodiac sign Dog. The year for each Chinese zodiac repeats every 12 years.

Master Tsai Five Element Chinese Astrology

Chinese Year belongs to the Pig zodiac also known as Boar. By predicting the uncertain future, Chinese Astrology gives you an assurance to succeed. It lends you the much needed support and guides you through troubled times. Accompanied with your hard work and will power, it creates pure magic. Faith makes everything possible; so have faith in yourself and on your stars. You have a long way to cover. So, enjoy the journey with Chinese horoscope Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female.

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Rat Chinese Horoscope for Do what you love and success will follow automatically. Tiger Predictions for Year of Dog Astrology predicts that this year is going to be a good and fruitful for you. Rabbit in the Year of the Dog Life will present itself to you in a fast forward manner. Dragon Predictions - Year of Dog An amazing year is upon you. Snake Forecast - Year of the Dog People belonging to the Snake sign should prepare themselves for a spontaneous year. Horse in Chinese New Year You are an active person and this year too will see you full of energy and passion.

Monkey Predictions for Chinese Astrology This year will be yours if you follow your heart.

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