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  1. Abhijit Nakshatra Dates with Start and End Timings for New Delhi, NCT, India
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Abhijit Nakshatra Dates with Start and End Timings for New Delhi, NCT, India

These natives are very intelligent and after amassing much wealth and enjoying all materialistic comforts, they inevitably turn towards spirituality. The male native of the Abhijit Nakshatra are endowed with great intelligence and usually reach the very top of the profession they choose.

They gain a lot of name and fame during their careers. They are also interested in advanced studies, and spend a lot of time doing research work. The male native of the Abhijit Nakshatra, it has been observed, gets married around the age of 23, and in some cases may have more than one wife. They will also have many children, but will be unfortunate to lose some children through an untimely demise.

Abhijit Nakshatra

Their eldest son generally takes up the responsibility of looking after them in their old age. The male native of the Abhijit Nakshatra may face health problems on and off, but will overcome most of them as they will not be too serious, such as piles or jaundice. The female native of the Abhijit Nakshatra is compassionate and large-hearted.

Since they are good to everyone, they will have many friends and well-wishers. Also, they are impartial people who do not judge others by the power, position or wealth that they own.


However, these natives may not be too serious in earlier years, but around the age of 18 some significant event takes place that makes them very grave and matured. They are gifted with many skills and are capable of accomplishing many tasks.

The female natives of the Abhijit Nakshatra possess many skills and are very intelligent, which makes them suitable for many kinds of work. They can choose from an array of options, and generally end up doing a good job and earn very well. They also rise to the top positions to attain name, fame and power.

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Once past this age, there shall however be no major threat any longer. However it is worthwhile to note that in orthodox Vedic Astrology, Abhijit is not considered while calculating. The reason for the same is that the Moons transit of the sidereal fixed zodiac takes approximately 27 days and 7? This is why we have 27 Nakshatras dividing the zodiac of into 27 parts, each 20?

Abhijit Nakshatra: The Fallen Pole Star

The 7? This Nakshatra is called Abhijit.

This is why; the traditional Vedic astrologers did not impart much significance to Abhijit while making calculations. Post a Comment. Komilla Sutton notes that Abhijit means victorious and conquering completely and is connected to Brahma, the creator and also to Vishnu the preserver.

It is a star where the individual can write their own destiny. One can preserve the old and create something new.

This constellation is very powerful and gives one spiritual drive and the ability to want to win regardless of circumstances. Vasant Panchami day is dedicated to Saraswati , the Goddess of knowledge, music, arts, science and technology.